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Agate Necklaces

🔮 There are hundreds of different types of agate. In fact, one could collect only agate stone varieties and accrue all the crystals one would need for healing the body and mind. This is actually included in agate benefits at the heart of agate meaning " balance and harmony in the body and mind " and it can be achieved easily with different varieties of agate.

Blue agate gemstones, like blue lace agate, have a soothing energy that lifts one's spirit with its positive, supportive vibrations. This type of agate is not really protective. They impart calm encouragement, which is a blue agate benefit at the heart of blue agate meaning. Blue = calming, uplifting, encouraging energy.

Crazy lace agate adds a general feeling of happiness to its agate meaning. This lovely, intricately banded type of agate is also known as "Happy Lace" agate. It gives off encouraging vibrations, rather than protection, similar to blue lace agate. This type of banded chalcedony goes one step beyond blue lace agate, though, lifting your mood to a joyous, happy level. It often has various shades of brown, orange, black, silver and white all swirled in tight bands throughout the agate gemstone. Crazy lace adds joy and optimism to agate meaning. Crazy lace = joy and happiness.

Laguna agate, with its tight banding in shades of brown, orange and red, add togetherness and solidarity to the many agate benefits included in agate meaning. This is a stimulating agate stone that inspires artists and writers. The use of this lovely banded chalcedony solidifies friendships, partners, families and members of any group. Laguna = inspiration, action and togetherness.

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