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Amethyst Rings

🔮 Amethyst is one of relatively few gemstones with the specific purpose of improving intellectual and cerebral thought.

There are many stones that are purported to enhance psychic powers, and many more that improve emotional intelligence, but the numbers of stones that have specific positive effects on the intellect are much rarer.

It can help you think both soberly and critically about the situations you face, which will lead you to far greater success in handling them.

It is worth remembering that Amethyst gained its name from the Ancient Greek word meaning “not intoxicated”.

It was said to prevent against drunkenness, and that its bright color came from the god of wine, Dionysus, pouring out his wine over a clear crystal in mourning.  Because of this, Amethyst has long been said to promote sobriety; both in preventing drunkenness and in the sense of developing an ability to think more clearly and not be clouded with emotion of any specific sort.

This is a wonderful crystal to use if you frequently find yourself in situations where you are unsure how to take action because of your emotions. It is important to remember that emotions are a valid and necessary part of the human life experience, not be discounted or ignored.

However, emotions can be dangerous, because everyone’s emotional response to the same situation will be different.  We all know it can be very difficult to communicate emotions between people.

Amethyst crystals will help you build the skill to critically analyze emotions and then choose whether to act on them.  Perhaps, whether to acknowledge their validity and then set them aside to act on intellectual decisions instead.

Because of this, amethyst is an invaluable crystal when you have to solve a difficult problem with others.  Especially, when emotions are running hot or when lots of people are talking, but no one is listening, and no one really knows what’s going on.

This happens more often than you’d expect, even in high positions in businesses, or between married couples.

Amethyst will help you listen to other people’s issues and concerns with an open mind; to then formulate and clearly articulate solutions in a practical and helpful way.

Amethyst rules the crown chakra. This is interesting, because the crown chakra is the chakra of spirituality.  

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