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Apatite - Blue Green Paraiba Apatite 11 CT Ring - White Zircon Halo

$385.00 USD $800.00 USD

Oval 11 CTS  (Sea Blue Green) Paraiba Apatite Ring with White Zircon(s) set in 925 Sterling Silver setting... size 7 

Gorgeous HUGE BLUE/GREEN Paraiba Apatite Faceted Stone gives off spectacular light show.  

🔮 Apatite is a lesser-known gemstone with very little fame, myth or legend attached to it. However, since apatite is actually part of our composition and is produced and used by the human body, it is believed to have some extremely powerful healing abilities. Many gemstone lovers are fascinated by the lore and powers of gemstones, especially those with relation to the human body.

Apatite is thought to be a stone of learning and inspiration. It is a fire element stone that is thought to be helpful for overcoming fear and turning thought into physical manifestations. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra. Apatite is commonly used for its metaphysical ability to encourage extroversion. It is able to draw out negative energy and stimulate creativity. Physically, apatite is said to heal bones, cartilage, teeth and boost calcium absorption. It is also believed to relieve pain caused by arthritis and other joint-related health problems.

Special Care for Special Stones: 

Apatite has a brittle tenacity and is not especially hard compared to other types of gemstones used for jewelry. It has a hardness rating of 5 on the Mohs scale and is ideal for jewelry that is less prone to wear and tear. Jewelry applications such as earrings, pendants, pins, cuff-links and tie-tacks are generally safe. Apatite can be used in ring designs, but it should be limited to occasional wear and protective-style settings.

Apatite gemstones are rather fragile compared to most gemstones. Care for Apatite should be similar to that of precious Opal. Apatite is sensitive to heat and shock, so the use of steamers and ultrasonic cleaners should always be avoided. Apatite is sensitive to acid, so it should not be worn when working with chemicals. Avoid wearing apatite jewelry when engaging in vigorous physical activity, such as exercise or sports, or when doing household chores.

Since it is considerably softer than quartz, simply wiping off dust can eventually cause apatite to lose its polish and develop surface scratches. When storing stunning apatite gemstones, wrap them in a soft cloth, or place them into a fabric-lined box. Always store apatite separately from other types of gemstone and gemstone jewelry.



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