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Pisces Secrets

Aquamarine and White Topaz Earrings

$85.00 USD

Regal Aquamarine and White Topaz Earrings can be worn to Mall and to a wedding.

🔮 Aquamarine has been known to represent a few things - purity of spirit and soul, or unity. Much like those that have March birthdays or the Zodiac sign of Pisces, it also can represents water or the sea, hence the name. The beautiful thing about Aquamarine, is that it is known to gleam and glitter even in minimal lighting; perfect to wear for an evening out at a restaurant in downtown Chicago or Frankfort.

For us, it's a fresh stone. Crisp. Light. Bright. Durable. Something that represents March really well. With the beginning of Spring and the 'wet' weather and atmosphere the blue hue of water that it represents fits well. Along with the durability of the stone and winter's end, those that make it through the cold and into March are durable as well.

Although most things in March are green, DGJ will be celebrating this month with the baby blue of the Aquamarine. Stop in to the store and ask any of us any questions you have on the stone. We have a few in stock if you would like to see some different pieces with the stone set in them.

Ancient Romans were entranced by the beauty of this gemstone and thought that it had mystical powers. It was believed that aquamarine would protect sailors against storms while at sea, so Roman sailors would actually throw their aquamarine treasures into the sea in hopes that that Neptune, god of the sea, would help keep them safe from any potential danger. Embrace your inner Roman goddess with the help of these aquamarine beauties! 


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