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Rare Chrome Diopside 720 CTW Earrings - LAST PAIR -

$350.00 USD $425.00 USD

Gorgeous Rare Russian finest quality Chrome Diopside and Brilliant Zircon Earrings... GUARANTEED to Stop Traffic Sparkle Green color lights up the room and dazzle your eyes.

3.60 CTW oval Russian chrome diopside with .42ctw round white zircon sterling silver hoop earrings. Measures approximately 0.75"L x 0.31"W. Latch backs. White rhodium.

🔮 Chrome diopside formation begins within basic and ultra-basic igneous and metamorphic rock. Chrome diopside was for the most time, exploited only from Russia, with the majority of deposits mined specifically from Inaglie, a remote area in Eastern Siberia. However, more recently, small deposits have been found in other localities and Pakistan is now one of the most significant suppliers. A rare violet-blue variety of diopside known as 'violane' is found only in Piedmont, Italy. Rare ‘Tashmarine Diopside’ is a brilliant yellow-green variety found only in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Western China. Other varieties of diopside can be found in Afghanistan, Austria, China, Finland, India, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and New York (USA).



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