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Neon Blue Apatite Round Stone Brillant Bracelet

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Neon Blue Apatite Round Stone Brillant Bracelet.  This bracelet is easy to wear, whether it’s to the office, church, wedding, movies out or prom.

🔮 Blue Apatite will stimulate the growth of the gift of clairvoyance or psychic visions and its metaphysical properties work through both the third eye chakra and throat chakras. 

It will assist you with lucid dreaming and astral travel, and it encourages you to be of service in a more humanitarian way.  

This is a strong stone to aid the development of psychic gifts, and its energy also helps spiritual attunement.   It helps you accept yourself as you really are, and to gain greater self confidence.

Although Apatite stone is found in quite a few locations, the main places that the blue stone comes from is Madagascar, Russia, Brazil and India.

It can occur as prismatic crystals or in the massive form. Blue Apatite's color may be a clear blue or blue-green, and they may also be a quite deep, dark almost navy blue color. 

Some of mine were selling as Teal Apatite, so look for that if you can't find them. 

Although Apatite comes in a variety of colors, only the major colors of blue, green and gold are commonly used for metaphysical purposes. 

Although it comes in other colors, including the lovely bright yellow Apatite stone, the blue Apatite crystals are the primary ones to use to stimulate the birth of new psychic abilities.


Why would you use it...

This stone works strongly within the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, and overall it is a powerful stone to aid the generation of many psychic gifts. 

It has a powerful ability to stimulate the development of your psychic visionary abilities. The growth of the gift of clairvoyance or psychic visions is quite common among many people who use the stone.

The vibration of this stone will cleanse the aura, especially within the mental body.

Like many blue crystals it has a strong action within the throat chakra, and it will especially assist you to communicate psychically.

If you wish to work within any kind of psychic employment, this stone will help you, as it is necessary in these jobs for your communication to come through clearly.

Hold it when you do a psychic meditation, or you could put one under your pillow, and you may find that you have dreams that aid you to solve difficult problems, creatively. 

It has a stimulating effect that may also be an aid to you if you want to enhance your creativity.


How will it help you...

This is an excellent stone to assist you if you have weight problems, as it raises the metabolic rate. 

Overall it has an excellent effect on the body, as it heals both the glands and the organs of the body. Blue Apatite has a vibration within it that acts as an appetite suppressant. 

This is a stone that helps you to accept yourself as you are, to see the truth within yourself, because until you really can see the authentic you, change cannot happen.

It will assist you to release any feelings of guilt you may be holding onto, and its energy will also stimulate an increase in self confidence, and will uplift your spirits. 

It will heal etheric leakages that have been occurring within your consciousness.

Often there is an element of relating to past life issues that you may have deep feelings about, and its vibration may aids you to deal with any grief that you may experience.

It is also an excellent stone to aid the immune system, and it may also help the eyes to see more clearly. This is in both a physical and metaphysical spiritual sense.




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