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Rose Quartz Bangel Bracelet

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šŸ”® RoseĀ QuartzĀ is all about the vibrations of love.

If you are looking for love in your life, or you need healing from a love that did not work out, this should be your crystal or stone of choice.

Itā€™s a stone that can change how you look at love and all its complications.

Sometimes all you need is a good cleansing and a fresh start, and what better way to do it than with a little help from this powerful love stone?

The presence of this stone will send a calming vibration not only to you and the people closest to you, but throughout the entire room where your rose quartz is located.

It has been used as a talisman of relationships for centuries and is a great source of inspiration for beauty and romance, and rose quartzā€™s energies will definitely stimulate your heart, mind, and body to become a better lover!

The Best Combination to Use with Rose Quartz

The rose quartz works best with amethyst. Together, it gives a perfect balance to the energies that amethyst delivers to the spirit because rose quartz brings strong and positive energies to the heart.

Combine the two for short periods at first until you see how you will react to the energies that they will emit.

Amethyst is a stone that will look fabulous worn or used as a decoration for your home. This pairing will also be a wonderful token to show your commitment to love.

Charge it next to an Amethyst or SelentineĀ for several hours. Donā€™t put it in a place where thereā€™s too much sunlight because it will affect the stoneā€™s color and energy.

You can also combineĀ Rose QuartzĀ withĀ ChrysocollaĀ if you want to strengthen a weakening or problematic relationship.

If youā€™re feelingĀ jealousĀ and want this jealousy to be gone for good, you can pair your rose quartz with the love stoneĀ Chrysoprase.

If you want to open yourself up to new experiences, you can have aĀ Rose QuartzĀ withĀ AzuriteĀ orĀ Peridot.Ā 

f you want to be a little more outgoing and adventurous in life and love, use yourĀ Rose QuartzĀ withĀ CitrineĀ orĀ ImperialĀ Topaz.


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