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Turquoise Tibetan Buddha Prayer Beads Bracelet

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BEAUTIFUL‼️ Extracted from the earth in the Far Eastern reaches of Mountainous Tibet, this beautiful natural turquoise is both beautiful and serves as a calming, meditative influence.  This bracelet uses 8 mm beads to make up this mala bracelet.

You'll look forward to wearing it at every opportunity.

Turquoise is said for thousands of years to possess many powers. It is considered a healing and protective stone that enhances courage in the wearer. It is also said to attract love, friendship, money and luck. ... A proverb states, “Given by a loving hand it brings with it happiness and good fortune”.
The Physical Healing Powers of Turquoise. As a healing stone, Turquoise is among the crystal healing master stones. According to followers of the New Age, the healing powers of Turquoise can benefit the whole body, with special strengths in healing ailments of the immune, respiratory, waste and skeletal systems.
Turquoise stones are one of the most ancient of gemstones. Turquoise has been used in jewelry, other adornments, statues, amulets and trinkets since before 5000 BC. This blue-green mineral rock has been used consistently through time in a manner in keeping with turquoise meaning. Signifying balance, wisdom and truth, turquoise gemstones combine beauty with usefulness in turquoise meditation, turquoise chakra and turquoise healing benefits for mind and body.
Turquoise has an extremely long history of use by kings, shamans and warriors for protection and good fortune. This blue-green mineral rock's name is French. The French word turquoise meaning is "Turkish stone." Treasured turquoise gemstones were transported from Asia, where turquoise rocks were mined, to Europe by way of Turkey. Because of this, the French named them "Turkish stone" or Turquoise. The blue-green gemstone was sacred to Aztecs, Chinese, Egyptians, Incas, Native Americans and Persians. To them, turquoise meaning was centered on luck, power and protection.

These copper hydrous phosphate and aluminum rocks are mined only for the purposes of making jewelry or ornamental statuettes and trinkets. Blue turquoise and green or blue-green turquoise are the most desirable turquoise colors. There are yellow-green turquoise gemstones but they are not as highly valued. Lengthy exposure to direct sunlight, heat, body oils, perspiration and cosmetic can alter the color of turquoise gemstones. 

Turquoise rocks are mined in Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Chile, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Mexico, the southwestern United States and Tanzania. Turquoise deposits form better in arid climates. The best quality turquoise stones currently come from mines in northeastern Iran and SW in America.  Turquoise gemstones from these areas are commonly robin's egg blue. Chinese or Tibetan turquoise gemstones are green and carry different turquoise meanings. 

Turquoise has been valued for over 7,000 years. Beads made from turquoise in 5000 BC were found in Iraq. Egyptians mined turquoise rocks in Sinai as long ago as 3200 BC. They used it to adorn Tutankhamun's death mask. 

The Aztecs used turquoise gemstones in mosaic masks to represent the gods in keeping with turquoise meaning. They also used turquoise gemstones in ornate inlaid skulls, shields and statues representing the power of Moctezuma who was the last Aztec ruler. 

Native Americans have been mining turquoise stones for about 1,000 years. They use turquoise gemstones to make jewelry and adorn burial sites in keeping with turquoise meaning.

Turquoise meaning embodies power, wisdom, luck, protection and immortality. The extensive use of this blue-green mineral rock throughout the centuries revolves around turquoise meaning. Prehistoric Native Americans used turquoise rocks and jewelry in ceremonies to symbolize "the god of the sky alive in the earth." This turquoise meaning is tied to the blue turquoise color.


Spiritual turquoise healing properties provide cleansing and healing energies for the entire body, including energy centers. Turquoise stone benefits impart understanding and wisdom in keeping with turquoise meaning. Turquoise power clarifies the perception of beauty and encourages kindness and trust. Turquoise properties benefit people spiritually by making it easier to let go of the need to punish others for past misdeeds and embrace a more compassionate, forgiving nature. In doing this, all the freedom from limitation and fear, happiness and love we wish for them is reflected back on us through the heart. 

Turquoise healing properties inspire self-forgiveness and self-acceptance while encouraging release of pointless regrets as reflected in turquoise meaning. Turquoise powers help us honor ourselves as a tool and creation of the Divine.


Physical turquoise healing properties focus on regaining strength, recovering from exhaustion or depression and controlling panic attacks. Turquoise benefits the immune system, both physical and psychic, and the digestive system. Nutrient absorption and the elimination of pollutants are enhanced which supports turquoise meaning. Inflammation and excess acid can be reduced with the use of turquoise. Turquoise healing properties address maladies of the brain, ears, eyes, throat and head, including headaches, migraines, vertigo and cataracts as indicated by Turquoise stone meaning. 

Physical healing properties of Turquoise extend to the respiratory system as well. Turquoise helps to heal diseases and disorders associated with allergies and the lungs.

Turquoise in the book of Exodus contains an important reference to Turquoise as one of the stones in the Breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest Aaron.  In Persian, Turquoise is known as Ferozah, meaning victorious and it is the national gemstone of Iran to this day.
Color Meaning: Meaning of The Color Turquoise. ... The color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty.



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